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We are a group of talented specialists that worked together for many years on disrupting different industries and markets and changing the status quo. We work hand in hand with high-impact entrepreneurially-minded business leaders from around the globe to help them make use of our unique disrupting abilities and allow them to move from idea and strategy to execution at speed. 


We do this by helping them simplify and solve complex problems through adopting an innovation nurturing culture and mindset, and by making use of our startups' M&A and IP commercialization powers, and our capabilities to put AI and other forms of machine intelligence, along with other exponential technologies into practice by designing and building successful ventures.

Mergermind, is a unique platform designed to support you on every step to success by injecting creative ideas, inspiration and innovative thinking into your business and your personal or professional goals.

Our bold ambition is to help you realise your full potential and  deliver disruptive trends across several markets.


We think several steps ahead, make introductions to the right network and support you in every way along the way as a leader.



Get a successful coach for yourself or your business


Accelerate your future with a personal coach at every step of your career for a successful future


Benefits and services tailored to the size and needs of your business!


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Business Health Check with Tailored Market Intelligence and Competitor Report

Ongoing Team Training and Development through Seminars

Representation and Negotiations


Research & Innovation

Strategic Planning

Marketing & Branding

Profitable Lead Generation and Business Development

Access to an Awesome Community of Partners


First come first serve basis projects

Relationship Manager

The Relationship Manager will create sustainable and profitable partnerships with customers in your industry. The specialist will focus on positioning your business in front of new customers and report directly to your organization with an aim to grow your business through the development of commercial leads and promote your strategy in various audiences.

E-mail Marketing Life Sciences

Manage email marketing campaigns, segmenting your databases, and maximising revenue opportunities.

Copywrite and design emails and email campaigns to drive focus towards your products, services and events (i.e. webinars and conferences). Meeting support and presentations. Activate reactive leads and convert by collaborating with your sales team.

Innovation Advisor

The Innovation Advisor will support the development and commercialisation from concept through to launch of advanced science, technology and programmes supporting the growth and scaling of the business, monitoring, competitor benchmark, pricing analysis, generating leads and identifying technologies with significant growth potential. The full list of responsibilities will be agreed.

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